Medical Mobile Clinics

Having complete control of the manufacturing process, Asta-Car offers a wide range of tailormade options for various business sectors, including the medical industry, in terms of technical solutions, design, innovation and according to the customer’s requirements.

mammography astacar medical mobile clinicsmammography astacar medical mobile clinics

Asta-Car’s health care mobile clinics can be customized and equipped with various medical devices and used in different areas such as mobile diagnostic and screening units, for prevention, information and treatment.

RMI Astacar Mediacal Clinics

RMI Astacar Mediacal Clinics

The units can be fitted with X-raysMRI and Pet ScansEcographyDigital MammographyDNA Mapping Tests and utilized for First Aid and Day Surgery.

This solution has a significant impact on promoting medical services and health prevention for everyone and allows delocalization and optimization of operating costs.
Asta Car mobile clinics will move your health care services, strenghten your corporate identity, offering the possibility to reach, connect and engage the public anywhere.

medical mobile clinics Astacarmedical mobile clinics Astacar


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