Structure suitable for sports competitions and events. Aluminum poles kit with light tarpaulin weight 280 or 150. Quick and easy to assemble.
The AWNING Astacar marquees of the highest quality and performing capacity, are perfectly suited to the needs of racing teams and for the general logistical support of the motorsport Paddock in terms of technical area, Hospitality to receive visitors, press office staff, restaurant service and for the guests.
Designed to be coupled, assembled and disassembled in a very short time to a single semitrailer, to two semitrailers but also to 3 (two on the side and one on the front on the back), they can cover a variable area between 140 and 200 square meters. The interior fittings include flooring, heating, or air conditioning.

Outdoor line

Customizable solutions for any type of event

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