The Astacar expandable mobile unit is the most versatile in terms of a "mobile Hospitality container" solution. Ideal for the roadshow sector, trade fairs, exhibitions, temporary shops and itinerant business activities in general. With a total length of 13.5 meters and an internal ​ surface area of approximately 55 sqm, it is equipped with a large hydraulically extendable slide out. The 4 hydraulic pistons located in each corner/angle of the van allow the unit to lift autonomously and be loaded quickly and easily on top of a standard semi-trailer for container transportation. Asta-car can customise this type of set-up in terms of dimensions, sliders, terraces and interiors with related facilities.
The measurements of these containers are: 45ft (length 13.955mm), 40ft (length 12.192mm), 30ft (length 9.125mm) and 20ft (length 6058mm).

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