With thirty years of experience in the sector, Astacar produces and manufactures isothermal and refrigerated vans and mobile vehicles of absolute reliability and sturdiness. The study of new production technologies and the organization and technical competences of our production staff, allow our “Refrigerated van” line to be the market leader in terms of reliability, after-sales and maintenance service. Focusing on sustainability issues, Astacar created the "GREEN ON THE ROADS " Eco-Friendly project. Continuous studies and brainstorming on alternative insulating materials and panel thicknesses have allowed the construction of a refrigerated van with an “important” thermal K. The Astacar Eco-friendly refrigerated van reduces fuel consumption by the refrigeration unit and consequently reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

To meet the needs of the market, AstaCar has also been developing Isothermal Vans for the transportation of goods at controlled temperatures. A fundamental requirement for the production of isothermal vans and motorhomes is the quality of the isothermal panels and the body of the van. AstaCar can boast long established partnerships with companies belonging to the same network that are leaders in fiberglass and specialized in the design and production of isothermal panels.

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